iQ EA Trading

AI-Driven Forex Mastery

This AI-powered EA revolutionizes Forex and Synthetic Indices trading with machine learning algorithms and real-time global news data via the API, delivering unparalleled accuracy and full automation. Prepare to witness the epitome of trading sophistication as cloud-based Expert advisors transcend all boundaries of perfection, revolutionizing the industry and redefining what is possible.

About Me

I am the "Initials of 'Dense New Innovations,' plus half a hiss", a clandestine architect of artificial intelligence. My work transcends boundaries, crafting solutions that remain unseen but felt across various realms.

With mastery and innovation, I shape the future, transforming the abstract into the tangible. You may not know me, but you've encountered my creations. Join me, and be part of a silent revolution.


Hosted in the Cloud - No VPS, PC, Server or installation required. Ultra-low latency.


The iQ EA effectively profits from EURUSD scalping on M1 charts throughout the week, from Monday until Thursday.


The iQ EA diligently engages in 24/7 trading of synthetic indices on M1, ensuring optimal performance.


Experience effortless, all-inclusive trading. Sit back, relax and reap the profits as we handle it all, including money management.

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