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This AI-powered EA revolutionizes Forex and Synthetic Indices trading with machine learning algorithms and real-time global news data via the API, delivering unparalleled accuracy and full automation. Prepare to witness the epitome of trading sophistication as cloud-based Expert advisors transcend all boundaries of perfection, revolutionizing the industry and redefining what is possible.

Are you interested in becoming a Funded Trader with a Prop Trading Firm?

Proprietary trading firms, in short prop firms, including FTMO, set challenges that necessitate participants to undergo a trial phase, showcasing their trading performance. It is referred to as a prop firm challenge.The objective is to secure backing from the firm and acquire funding, becoming a funded Forex Trader. These assessments generally mandate the achievement of particular profit objectives while adhering to set risk constraints. The iQ EA Cloud Forex System takes charge of managing both the drawdown limits imposed by the prop firms and the stipulated profit targets of their respective challenges. Upon successful completion of the challenge, iQ EA will then supervise your funded account(s), ensuring compliance with the contractual terms agreed upon with the prop firm.

Kindly be aware that you have the flexibility to choose from any well-known proprietary trading firm. Additionally, you have the option to switch your prop firm whenever you desire.


Upon finalizing your payment, we kindly request that you complete the application form found below. After its submission, we will swiftly get back to you with all the required information and assist you in getting started as quickly as possible.

iQ EA Cloud Prop Firm Challenge - Application Form

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Kindly provide the name of the proprietary trading firm that is organizing your challenge.
If there is a specific timeframe within which your challenge must be completed, kindly inform us by providing the details here.
Kindly inform us about the permitted drawdown level for your challenge.
Kindly inform us of the account balance your challenge will start with.
Enter here your trading account login ID. This is the same login ID used to connect to your trading account on the MetaTrader platform.
Find the server by going to the login screen in MetaTrader.
Enter here your trading account password. This is the same password used to connect to your trading account on the MetaTrader platform. It must be your trader password, you cannot use the investor password to activate the iQ EA on your account.


Hosted in the Cloud - No VPS, PC, Server or installation required. Ultra-low latency.


The iQ EA effectively profits from EURUSD scalping on M1 charts throughout the week, from Monday until Thursday.


The iQ EA diligently engages in 24/7 trading of synthetic indices on M1, ensuring optimal performance.


Experience effortless, all-inclusive trading. Sit back, relax and reap the profits as we handle it all, including money management.

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