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This AI-powered EA revolutionizes Forex and Synthetic Indices trading with machine learning algorithms and real-time global news data via the API, delivering unparalleled accuracy and full automation. Prepare to witness the epitome of trading sophistication as cloud-based Expert advisors transcend all boundaries of perfection, revolutionizing the industry and redefining what is possible.


iQ EA Registration Form

Submitting a completed registration form does not guarantee automatic acceptance. Our dedicated team manually reviews each registration, ensuring that all necessary requirements are met before granting free access to the iQ EA.

Discover all the crucial and obligatory criteria for connecting your MetaTrader 4/5 trading accounts to the iQ EA cloud.

How does this work? Is it complicated?

The process is incredibly straightforward and won't cause any IT headaches. There's no need for installations, VPS, or servers. All the necessary information can be found right here on this page. Simply go through the FAQ section below, complete the registration form, and leave the rest to us. Once your account is successfully connected to the iQ EA, we will notify you, and you can begin monitoring your account's growth using the MT4 or MT5 mobile app.


In order to access the iQ EA Cloud, you are required to set up an account with one of our partner brokers. You can locate a list of these brokers further down this page.


Once you've got your account with one of our partner brokers, proceed with verifying your identity and residence with them. Following this, you'll need to deposit the minimum required amount. For more details, refer to the FAQ section below.


The next stage involves completing the iQ EA application form. If requirements are not fulfilled, we will inform you.


If all is in order, your cloud access will be activated and the iQ EA enabled on your account. You will receive a welcome email to confirm this.


You have the ability to monitor the progression of your account through the MetaTrader Mobile App. For more details, refer to the FAQ section below.

FAQ - iQ EA Cloud

The iQ EA is a comprehensive autonomous trading platform for Forex and Synthetic Indices. Distinct from the majority of automated Expert Advisors, the iQ EA operates not on a VPS, but within a specialized Cloud infrastructure, which consists of numerous cutting-edge server systems powered by Unix. The development of iQ EA was accomplished in Python, leveraging the capabilities of ChatGPT-4 and AIPRM.

Machine learning algorithms maintain remarkably high accuracy even amidst challenging market conditions. The safety over extended periods is ensured by AI-driven hedging strategies.

To gain complimentary access to the iQ EA Cloud System and automated profit, it is necessary to have an account with our exclusive partner brokers.  Find out more here

The minimum balance required must be at least $1,000.00 or equivalent, while the current maximum is $500,000.00

There is no limit to the number of accounts you can connect, as long as all the mandatory criteria are fulfilled.

It is necessary to categorize the trades into two groups: Forex and Synthetic Indices.

Forex:  The iQ EA is designed to profit from quick trades in the market using the EURUSD currency pair on the M1 time frame. Trading activities occur from Monday to Thursday. You can anticipate a daily profit of 1.6%-3% on your trading account balance. These figures have been verified and audited through our FX Blue statistics, which reflect actual money accounts.

Synthetic Indices: The synthetic index operates in a distinct manner compared to Forex. The iQ EA engages in trading activities for the Volatility 75 Index continuously, 24/7, spanning from Monday to Sunday without any interruptions. You can anticipate an approximate daily profit of 7% on your account balance.


It depends very much on your initial deposit. Below are some numbers that reflect the earnings of real-money accounts verified by Myfxbook.

Deposit $1,000.00
= average daily profit of at least $23+ 

Deposit $1,500.00
= average daily profit of at least $28+

Deposit $2,000.00
= average daily profit of at least $35+

Deposit $5,000.00
= average daily profit of at least $48+

Deposit $8,000.00
= average daily profit of at least $108+

Now you have an understanding of the potential earnings you can obtain with the iQ EA at absolutely no cost. The amount you ultimately earn will be determined by the initial deposit you make into your trading account.

Check verified and audited Myfxbook results for your reference.


You have the ability to track your account's progression through the MT4 or MT5 mobile apps. These apps are free and can be found in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Alternatively, you can download and set up the MT4 or MT5 trading platform on your personal desktop.

Once you've downloaded the MetaTrader app, you'll be able to log into your trading account using the app.

If you want to discontinue the iQ EA Cloud System, please inform us via this contact form and select "iQ EA Disconnect Accounts" from the dropdown menu.

Afterwards, your accounts will be disconnected.  Please make sure you don't have any open trades on your account(s).

Absolutely, however, bear in mind that some brokers only permit withdrawals when there are no active trades on your account.

Unfortunately, that's not possible. We kindly ask you not to interrupt the actions of the iQ EA trading system.

EA intelligence iQ EA Cloud

Before filling out the form below, ensure that you have an account with our partner brokers HERE (click)

Registration Form iQ EA Cloud Forex Trading

Once you have met all the requirements mentioned above, you can proceed to fill out the registration form for the iQ EA. We will review your submission and notify you as soon as your trading account has been successfully linked to the iQ EA cloud.

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Hosted in the Cloud - No VPS, PC, Server or installation required. Ultra-low latency.


The iQ EA effectively profits from EURUSD scalping on M1 charts throughout the week, from Monday until Thursday.


The iQ EA diligently engages in 24/7 trading of synthetic indices on M1, ensuring optimal performance.


Experience effortless, all-inclusive trading. Sit back, relax and reap the profits as we handle it all, including money management.

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